The HelpDesk® was originally created in 1998 to assist computer users with DOS 6.2, Microsoft Windows 3.1 for workgroups, Windows NT and IBM OS-2 type operating systems. Windows 95 & later Windows NTv4 came along and both became unprecedented cultural phenomenons, almost every home had a PC the world of computing was redefined.

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That was a long time ago, operating systems and technology has evolved significantly, in particular the Cloud computing infrastructure, resulting in additional levels of required support for corporations , governments, businesses, as well as home computer users. The HelpDesk has incorporated these needs with continuous ongoing training, to further grow our expertise across operating systems including Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android and cloud based application programming interface (API) technology systems.

We have built our reputation on helpful advice, cost effective options and an ethical approach that ensures all of our customers receive the best and most professional service at all times. Today we employ the services of many experienced IT Technicians and provide an Australia Wide IT Sales & Support Service, our companies Mission Statement can be found here.

Recognising the importance of technology in all sectors of our lives, we fully understand the stresses caused by hardware and software malfunctions and the impact it may have on our lives.  Whether business or personal, we aim to provide our customers with the ability to control all facets of their lives, with the ease and efficiency that modern technology offers us today. Never before has it been more important to deal with a trusted and reputable IT company. 

Computer users are encouraged to contact The HelpDesk® to resolve any issues, challenges, frustrations you may be be having with either software or hardware issues. If you are concerned about your security or privacy settings, call us for Help. ☎️ 1300-085222

The HelpDesk® was originally created in 1998

Employing our knowledge of available hardware & software technologies, we can guarantee that your computing devices will experience higher levels of performance, durability, security & stability.