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HelpDesk® is an authorised supplier and installer of Dell ®  IT products in australia Call 1300-085222

HelpDesk® is an authorised supplier and installer of Dell® IT products in australia Call 1300-085222

We have the latest technology and it is relevant to you.

There’s a difference between technology’s leading edge and its bleeding edge. That difference is the pain that you might feel. Too often the high-tech industry produces technologies that don’t perform as promised.

Dell only sells technology that performs as proven. We take the latest proven innovations and then take them many steps forward to:

  • Discover innovative ways to meet your needs

  • Improve the performance of key product attributes

  • Deliver consistent results built upon previous experience

  • Lead technology acceptance and longevity

If you’re tough on notebooks, Dell has you covered.

A notebook computer isn’t very useful if you’re afraid to take it anywhere. Dell wants you to have the confidence to really use your mobile solution the way you want. We design notebooks to withstand the coming and going, stopping and dropping they might encounter. The Latitude line is the only notebook to survive the PC Computing Annual Torture Test eight years in a row, enduring:

— Baking to over 80 ̊ C, freezing to below 0 ̊ C
— Dropping 73cm, landing on its edge on concrete
— Coffee poured into keyboard
— Submersion in 2.5cm of water

And in case a notebook is subjected to those rigours unintentionally, Dell Complete Care™ Accidental Damage Service is one of the most comprehensive notebook protection plans in the industry. When accidents happen, the optional repair or replacement service covers the cost of fixing or replacing a damaged notebook. It’s the best way to keep the Dell performance you need in your hands.

Dell Optiplex from HelpDesk 1300-085222

Dell OptiPlex™ Desktops

  • For demanding networked environments of any size

  • Extensively tested for reliability and compatibility with industry-standard software and hardware

  • Optimal reliability, stability, manageability and serviceability, low total cost of ownership

Dell Latitude from HelpDesk 1300-085222

Dell Latitude™ Notebooks

  • A standardised notebook platform for wide deployment

  • Help reduce support costs and maximise IT resources through extended product life cycles and compatibility

  • Connect to wired and wireless networks with ease

Dell Precision Tower from HelpDesk® 1300-085222

Dell Precision™ Workstations

  • Exceptional performance and scalability for workstation-class applications

  • Certified with many key creative and technical applications

  • Backed up by dedicated workstation technical support personnel

  • Speed and support for workstation-class applications

  • Provide anytime, anywhere use of workstation applications with ISV-certified compatibility

The HelpDesk® is an authorised supplier of Dell® product range.

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